July 15, 2024

What Fuels the Propaganda Campaign Against a Gentle Tea That Raises Our Spirits?


What is it about kratom that so alarms the FDA that they have gone to such lengths to try to criminalize it, lie about it repeatedly, and portray it in ways that will attract drug abusers, but frighten those tired, depressed, and anxious souls who might benefit from a soothing cup of kratom tea?

Is it because kratom has historically weaned addicts off opium with leaves picked off trees, thus posing a threat to the very lucrative drug rehab  industry which has about a 90+% failure rate?

Is it because BigPharma can’t accept another major loss of public confidence, such as the one they experienced when more than half of the U.S. adult population learned that marijuana wasn’t so bad – after decades of it being listed as a Controlled Substance?

Now entheogenic mushrooms are even making inroads into the psychiatric drug market, so Big Pharma needs a convenient scapegoat to blame, to distract public attention away from the natural sources of happiness we’re discovering – ironically one without the sometimes bewildering side-effects of cannabis sativa or psilocybe mushrooms.

Why can’t kratom be welcomed into our culture when it is used with some common sense similar to our moderate daily use of coffee, its relative in the plant kingdom?

Perhaps the reason kratom is the FDA’s particular propaganda target is that the “War on Natural Herbs” must be maintained as a distraction from some uncomfortable facts, such as the FDA’s approval of OxyContin for sale to the trusting American public in 1995, based on the fraudulent claim of its

manufacturer that it was only minimally addictive, so it was necessary to find a new herbal sacrificial victim to torment.

Why are there an estimated 13 million kratom regular consumers – most of whom came to kratom because Big Pharma’s drugs were making their lives miserable? – Turning them into zombies, losing jobs, they couldn’t play with their kids or enjoy life like they once could.

Kratom changed all that for those who were thoroughly DONE with pharmaceutical drugs, or heroin, or alcohol, or meth that had enslaved them – and they have regained their simple joy of life with this leaf from an Indonesian tree.

Kratom, like comedian Rodney Dangerfield, “Can’t get no respect!”

Ah, but kratom gets no thanks for rescuing these millions of Americans from drug addiction and chronic disease-caused discomforts that modern Allopathic Medicine has no cure for – and few safe palliatives, either!

The Mayo Clinic, for instance, warns us that “kratom harms liver function” – even though this is a rare issue only affecting individuals with a genetic lack of an enzyme needed to process the herb (and the liver repairs itself quickly when they abstain from kratom) – and yet, FDA-approved Acetaminophen ironically is the number one cause of liver failure and reason for liver transplants in America!

What’s up with that?!

If “(FDA-approved) prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in America“, why do herbs like kratom get persecuted by the FDA? Could the FDA possibly have a financial conflict of interest?

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